SPLENDOURS of BORNEO (Soft Adventure)
SB-01 SIC Departure: Kota Kinabalu to Kuching
Departure Days: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
SB-02 SIC Departure: Kuching to Kota Kinabalu
Departure Days: Tuesday, Friday and Sunday
Minimum: 02 paxs

If you have had enough of skyscrapers, museums, shopping malls and are looking for a soul-enriching experience of tranquility and peace, then slip away to the ‘Land Below the Wind’. Come to the island of Borneo, one of Malaysia's best kept secrets!

Borneo is also home to two of four Malaysian UNESCO World Heritage Sites, namely Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak and Kinabalu Park in Sabah. Nearby, Pulau Tiga (Tiga Island) was the site for the first season of the American reality show, Survivor.

Borneo has a bewildering diversity of flora and fauna and is host to several protected forests, nature reserves, sanctuaries and national parks. Home of many colourful ethnic communities, Borneo never ceases to arouse the sense of excitement with its exciting festivals and natural areas. Whether it’s the obscure silhouette of a baby orang utan suckling its mother as she forages for food in the forest or, a herd of rare pygmy elephants crossing a river, a group of male proboscis monkeys indigenous to the region flexing their territorial dominance, a picturesque scene of a fishermen with tattered pants pulling in his catch of the day, mountaineers scaling a majestic peak, adventurers exploring Mulu Caves or, simply lying on the sundeck beside the swaying palms of a resort, these are all images of Borneo. Besides nature, Borneo also offers world-class sailing marinas and championship golf courses as well as various accommodation options from deluxe resorts to budget hotels.


  • Discover the highlights of Kuching, the largest city in the island of Borneo.
  • Visit an orang utan sanctuary in Sarawak renowned for its orangutan rehabilitation project.
  • Visit an Iban longhouse for a chance to mingle with native villagers.
  • Lunch with the Ibans to taste their simple native food.
  • Stay overnight in an Iban longhouse.
  • Explore Mount Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Enjoy a relaxing river boat ride.
  • Take a walk in the rainforest.
  • Visit Wind Cave with its impressive stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Explore Clearwater Cave, South East Asia's longest cave passage.
  • Admire Deer Cave which is the world’s largest cave passage.
  • Enter Lang Cave Mulu’s smallest cave but which contains many beautiful limestone formations.
  • See millions of bats flying in a snake-like formation as they exit caves seeking food.
  • Stop by a local souvenir bazaar in a Penan village.
  • Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinabalu Park.
  • Admire the city highlights of Kota Kinabalu Sabah’s bustling and colourful gateway.

Terms & Conditions of Agreement
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Some comments from our Guest Book :

We really enjoyed the longhouse and the local food market. We had an excellent and friendly guide.
Holland, 2009

The orang utan centre was very interesting and the visit to the longhouse was perfect. All together it was a very nice tour.
Austria, 2009

It was an exciting and very interesting tour and our guide  was PERFECT.
Switzerland, 2009

The Iban longhouse experience was a real highlight.
Switzerland, 2009

Everything was in order and to be able to see Mt Kinabalu was great.
Germany, 2009

It was a good tour, itinerary was perfect.
Germany, 2009

The tour is very good with lots of nature. Our guide explained everything very well.
Holland, 2009

Great tour, walking trail was really great, botanic garden, great lunch and great driving.
Switzerland, 2009

Beautiful nature and adventure.
Germany, 2009

The Mount kinabalu park was very nice and well kept. Our guide has convinced us to climb the mountain and we are thinking we will do so next year.
South Africa, 2009

We are planning to come back to Sabah again, the tour gave us a good idea where we want to visit when we come back. Thanks.
Italy, 2009

Beautiful nature!
Japan, 2009