Mulu National Park

SIC Departure: Daily
Minimum: 02 paxs

Gunung Mulu National Park was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

This picturesque natural wonder covers 52,865ha of primary rainforest that is dissected by several fast-flowing rivers and clear jungle streams. The oldest of Mulu's caves started to form about five million years ago. Heavy rain and continual erosion over the years have carved out the vast subterranean system that exists today. With its deeply-incised canyons, wild rivers, rainforest-covered mountains, spectacular limestone pinnacles, cave passages and features, Mulu has many outstanding scenic qualities.

Mulu's four show caves are world famous and were selected for their uniqueness and beauty. You can get to Deer and Lang's Caves via an interesting boardwalk that leads through primary forests, whilst Clearwater and Wind Caves can be reached by taking a longboat up the Melinau River or by via a 4km nature trail. These natural wonders contain a number of record breaking titles - the world's largest cave passage is found in Deer Cave and Clearwater Cave is the longest cave in South East Asia.

Mulu is synonymous with caves, and even though 200km of cave passages have been surveyed, this is thought to represent just 30-40% of the actual total. It is said that no traveller should visit Sarawak and not reward oneself with an exhilarating cave and rainforest experience that is unmatched anywhere else on Earth!


  • Mulu National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Wind Cave - impressive stalactites and stalagmites.
  • Clearwater Cave - South East Asia's longest cave passage.
  • Deer Cave - largest cave passage in the world.
  • Lang Cave – while the smallest cave, it has many beautiful limestone formations.
  • Walk through the rainforest on a raised boardwalk.
  • Enjoy a relaxing river boat ride.
  • Swim in a natural pool.
  • Observe the natural phenomenal of millions of bats flying at dusk in snake-like formation in their search for food.

** Sightings of wildlife are not guaranteed.

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Some comments from our Guest Book :

It was an honor to visit such a magnificent wonder of nature.
France, 2009

It was so beautiful and pristine.
Finland & Sweden 2009

Truly a nature’s marvel.
Russia, 2009

It is not a wonder that Mulu is one of UNESCO’s heritage site.
South Africa, 2009

A sight not to be missed!
Italy, 2009

God’s finest work, a gift to mankind.
Hong Kong, 2009

The trip touch your soul in a way that I cannot even explain.
Norway, 2009

We stayed at the Royal Mulu, visited the caves and swam in the natural lake. It is so peaceful and tranquil.
Germany, 2009

One of Borneo’s pride. Some of the caves are so huge that it is mind boggling.
Australia, 2009

I love caves and have explored many, this is by far one of the top 3 in my list.
Finland, 2009