Hotel Reservation

As the top travel agency in the country with extensive business relationships with the different hotels in the country, needless to say, AOS is able to offer very competitive hotel rates in the market.

Agents booking via our latest online system, "aosconnect" are able to get instant confirmation with many rooms available. The system is easy to use and the no-waiting period makes it very efficient and attractive for agents who believe in getting ahead of the pack in terms of speed and delivery. The aosconnect system enables business partners to:

  • Book hotel rooms, tours and transfers online 24/7
  • Save their booking as a quotation and convert it into an order at a later date
  • Confirm a reservation immediately
  • Make later changes and additions to itineraries
  • Complete a reservation via a fully secured personal information system
  • View the latest special offers
  • Connect via XML

You can sign up with our online booking system for instant confirmation for hotels in Malaysia as well as other countries. Passwords are available for travel agents only.