The Great Iban Longhouse Experience

SIC Departure: Daily from Kuching
Minimum: 02 paxs

This is an up close and personal experience with the Iban people who were former headhunters of Borneo.
The journey is highly recommended for those who want the authentic experience of longhouse living.

Ibans are the largest ethnic group in Sabah. For centuries these people who live near the rivers of Borneo, were feared because of their reputation as fierce warriors who practiced headhunting. Today, the practice is banned and they now live peacefully as agriculturalists alongside their neighbours.

They live in longhouses which are elongated, one-storey dwellings, compartmentalised into individual family units and covered by a single roof usually woven of fronds from the ubiquitous sago palm. A longhouse can stretch as long as a city block and have five hundred people living in it or, it can house a community of just a few dozen.

The Ibans are generous, hospitable and peaceful people who are keen to show off their traditional dance, music, textile-weaving, blow-pipe prowess, fishing and game-playing. They welcome guests warmly by offering the local rice wine called tuak.


  • Boat across Batang Ai Reservoir which provides hydro-electricity and some magnificent and picturesque scenery.
  • Relax on a longboat journey.
  • Dine with a native tribe and enjoy the opportunity to taste some authentic native food.
  • Enjoy a traditional Iban warrior dance.
  • Stay overnight in a lodge close to an Iban longhouse.
  • Go jungle trekking.
  • Trek to Enseluai Waterfall.

Terms & Conditions of Agreement
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Some comments from our Guest Book :

A great experience! The highlight was the chance to be amongst the people living in the longhouse, so friendly people.
Holland, 2009

It was a lovely time, we love the boat ride, being in the jungle and meeting the natives.
Germany, 2009

We were drinking the local homemade wine, singing and dancing!
Australia, 2009

The Ibans are the most friendly people, it is hard to imagine they were once cutting off heads!
Switzerland, 2009

It is an awesome experience!
South Africa, 2009

Sarawak is a beautiful country with so much charm.
Sweden, 2009

The longhouse dwellers went out of their way to make us feel at home. I have never seen so many children living under one roof!
New Zealand, 2009

At first we felt awkward coming to a whole bunch of stranger’s house but I think they are used to it. Every family we visited, they welcome and toast their home made wine. My girlfriend who doesn’t drink much was red like a lobster and dancing with the locals their traditional dance. It was a funny sight!
Italy, 2009

We had a lovely trip and brief insight of the Iban’s lives. They must be the most accommodating people in the world. The only thing that “spoilt” our trip was this couple who was complaining about everything being dirty. If they expected 5 star amenities in the remote area, they should have mind to stayed at home. What were they thinking when they book the tour????
United Kingdom, 2009