Malaysia Golf Tours

Malaysia is fast emerging as South-East Asia’s top golfing destination.

Blessed with warm tropical weather, golfing is one of the many spot activities that can be played all throughout the day and all throughout the year. Much to the delight of the golfers, golfing in Malaysia is cheap in comparison to the other South East Asian countries. It is a known fact that it is cheaper to fly from China for a weekend of golf in Malaysia!!!

With almost 200 golf courses currently available around the country and many of these international-standard golf courses are designed by world renowned golfers. You can chose to tee-off in the cool highlands, amidst lush greenery flanked by picturesque and environmentally friendly landscapes or by the fringe of the South China Sea, each course presents a different set of challenges to enhance your game. Besides golfing, there are also many activities for the family and interesting destinations to visit for relaxation.

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