Our Core Values

Customer Service Orientation
We exist because of our customers. Customer satisfaction is the foundation upon which we will continue to build our business. We are committed to walk the Extra Mile to meet our customers' expectations.


We are honest. We will conduct our business with a high standard of integrity.

Passion and Love
We are passionate about what we do. We strive to recruit employees who have passion for what they do. Only when employees have love for their jobs can they excel and be an asset to the Group.

We pursue excellence in all we do, striving to be the best in each of the industries and the markets we serve.В  We will innovate and launch new products regularly, continuously improve our service and relationships with our principals and suppliers, and enhance our financial performance. В 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in conservation and protection of the environment. Our philosophy is to promote green awareness among our shareholders, employees, business associates, and customers. We are and will be strong advocates of ecotourism and will continuously embed green practices in all our businesses. We seek to influence the industries in which we compete to adopt green practices so that the entire industry, like us, is engaged in sustainable development.