Sandakan Wildlife Safari (Soft Adventure)

SIC Departure: Wednesday and Friday
Minimum: 02 paxs

Sabah is famous the world over for its adventurous and natural activities. If you have limited time in Sabah but would like to see the best the state’s best natural attractions, our Sandakan Wildlife Safari could very well be your answer. In this tour, we focus on three very unique animals; two endangered and another endemic to the state.

Sabah has one of the world’s oldest and most detailed turtle conservation programmes. Three islands have been gazetted for turtle conservation with the most famous being Selingan Island in the Turtle Island National Park. Here endangered green and hawksbill turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. The sight of the turtles coming ashore each evening after nightfall remains a spectacle that attracts thousands of tourists to the idyllic island. Another must-do activity while in Sabah is a river safari in search of the proboscis monkey which is only found on the island of Borneo. Their unique features include pot bellies, large pendulous noses, thick white tails and, loud nasal honks which they make. These primates live in a single male harem of between 10- 32 animals and are mainly found in mangrove forests, swamps, rainforests and, forested land adjacent to bodies of water.

From Sukau we visit the former capital of British North Borneo, Sandakan. Sandakan served as a major port that saw many foreigners arrive to settle and trade. Today, many tourists come to Sandakan to visit the famous Orang Utan Rehabilitation Sanctuary in Sepilok on the outskirts of the town. During World War 11, Sandakan housed a prisoner of war camp. It was home to approximately 750 British and more than 1,650 Australian prisoners who were sent to the camp during the period 1942-43. The infamous ‘Death March to Ranau’ began here where out of 2,400 prisoners, only six Australian survived. A memorial on the former camp is a sober reminder of the atrocities of war.


  • Visit a world-renowned turtle conservation island.
  • Learn all about the turtle conservation programme in the Visitor Information Centre of Turtle Island National Park.
  • Watch turtles laying their eggs.
  • Visit an orang utan sanctuary renowned for its rehabilitation efforts.
  • Cruise along the Kinabatangan River in search of wildlife.
  • Visit Gomantong Cave a hive of activity during the bird nesting season.
  • See proboscis monkeys, an unusual looking primate endemic to Borneo.
  • Enjoy bird watching.
  • Boat across ox-bow lakes.
  • Enjoy an optional evening river cruise.
  • See the city highlights of Sandakan, Sabah’s gateway for ecotourism destinations and rich with World War 11 history.

** Sightings of wildlife are not guaranteed.

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Some comments from our Guest Book:
I love this trip! It was just fantastic. We saw so much wildlife and it was so nice to spent time away from the city. Thank you very much!
Holland, 2009

It was a new experience form most tours we have taken, the tour should be more than 2 nights.
Italy, 2009

Nature and history, what a lovely combination. Now my sons can learn what their grandfather’s contribution to peace.
Australia, 2009

My husband is a war veteran and it was most memorable for us to visit Sandakan. We shed silent tears as we visited the beautifully and meaningful war museum.
United Kingdom, 2009

The children loved the boat ride to look for wildlife. So impressed they were by the proboscis monkeys that they asked if we could have the guide catch one to take home! We have one, a cute soft toy proboscis monkey toy!
South Africa, 2009

A wonderful tour highlighting the icons of Sabah, the orang utan, the funny looking monkeys with a long flat nose and turtles - thoroughly enjoyable.
Germany, 2009

We travel to Asian with our parents and it was one of the most enjoyable for my parents, many thanks. They loved the natured.
France, 2009

If you enjoy nature and seeing some animals, don’t miss this tour.
Japan, 2009

It was an amazing sight to see these beautiful creatures coming to shore to lay eggs.. pls stop eating turtle eggs.
Switzerland, 2009

We had a wonderful guide who was very funny and knowledgable. He was able to make a pair of hornbill fly out from the forest by making this funny loud voice, it was amazing!
Finland, 2009