Sarawak Secret With Santubong Mangrove Cruise

SIC Departure: Daily
Minimum: 02 paxs

One of Sabah’s undiscovered natural gems is located one and half hours from Lahad Datu. This enormous dipterocarp rainforest landscape in the eastern part of Sabah has a diverse range of flora and fauna.

Tabin was declared a wildlife reserve because of the large number of animal species inhabiting its forest, including several which are highly endangered. With a protected forest area of 120,500ha, Tabin plays an important role as a dedicated ground for the breeding of Sabah’s endangered wildlife and protected mammals. The three largest mammals of Sabah, namely Borneo pygmy elephant, Sumatran rhinoceros and banteng (Bos javanicus) are all found within Tabin.

It’s no wonder that Tabin has been heralded as the finest wildlife viewing area in Borneo.


  • Explore a mud volcano, an important feature of the forest where wild animals come in search of vital minerals
  • Enjoy jungle trekking
  • Visit an animal observation tower
  • Go on a night walk in search of nocturnal wildlife
  • Go bird watching
  • Visit Lipad Waterfall
  • Enjoy a Tabin rainforest herbal foot soak

** Sightings of animals are not guaranteed

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Some comments from our Guest Book :

Heavan for bird watchers.
United Kingdom

I don’t want to go back to Japan, I love Tabin!

Saw pygmy squirrel, pig-tailed monkey, orang utan, clouded leopard, leopard cat, flying squirrel, on the first day! Also saw pig and hornbills. Very friendly staff, can’t wait to see more animals.

We faced the fear of the jungle and found Tabin to be captivating!!! Food great, people friendly and we saw 2 elephants.

Liked the mud volcano saw “BOB” the orang utan from tower! The wooden buildings blended in well with surroundings.
United Kingdom

Tabin is beautiful and precious and should remain so forever. The forest is the lung of the planet, to lose it would be to choke and die. We don’t have the right to destroy such a marvelous creation. Thank you.

Thanks for a lovely time in your resort – lots of elephants – very close!

The BEST!! Enjoy Tabin!! Leopards cats, hornbills, elephants, eagle, macaques, pigs, squirrels, birds, jabalis, green bird, blue birds. Fantastic!! Jurasic Park!!

We had the best time!! Great lodge, staff & wildlife (elephants, civet & leopard cats – Paradise!!

Sun bear, leopard cats, porcupine, civet cat, mouse dear, long tail monkeys, elephants, owls, black squirrel-wonderful (all in 48 hours) Great place!

Elephants/monkeys/mousedeer/civet cat/hornbills. It was great to stay here. 

Super place. Fantastically, suprising big mud volcano and heart warming elephants.

Night drive is great, look forward to second trip!

Linsang, leopard cat, civets, porcupine, wild boar, variety of birds.
South Africa

Tabin provides each diversity of experience.  Great flora & fauna, geology and hospitality.  The highlight for 2 of 3 groups of 20 undoubtedly reveal sightings of Orang Utans.  Night safaris – brilliant.

What a wonderful experience, I feel so privileged to be here and to share this beautiful place with the ever so kind and knowledgeable staff.  Thanks all!

Its been an amazing experience, I feel privileged to have visited this Reserve.  Good Luck in the future.
United Kingdom

Thank you all so much for the effort you put in.  Seriously enjoyed jungle life.  Keep it up, but please don’t make it too touristy.  Lots of love, Tarzan, Jane and Cheetah.

A beautiful place with lots of wildlife.  I was lucky enough to hear and see.  I especially liked the night safari and the mud!  Thank you so much and good luck in the future.

This has been incredible.  It was a great feeling to go to sleep and wake up in such amazing surroundings.  The knowledge made available really highlighted the beauty and uniqueness of it all.  Thank you !

Amazing, I love this place and all that come with it.

Such an amazing place.  Can’t wait to revisit.