Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC)

Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) is a multipurpose development area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



The Kuala Lumpur City Center(KLCC) site is part of an affluent suburban residential area north of the old city of Kuala Lumpur, linked to the city via Jalan Ampang and inhabited by bungalows and houses dating back to the early colonial era of the 20th century. The main center of this area is the original site of the Selangor Turf Club, with many houses built around the site to take advantage of the views over the races. As large-scale development moved north from Kuala Lumpur’s old city after the 1950s, the area’s development gradually shifted from low-density residential houses to high-density commercial and office complexes, raising the appeal of developing the suburbs into Kuala’s new commercial center. Mud. In 1988, the Selangor Turf Club site and adjacent residences were sold for clearing for the KLCC project. The Turf Club was then moved to Serdang. In the years following the Turf Club relocation, more surrounding residential sites were acquired for the further development of KLCC.

Central air conditioning system

In the eastern area of the Petronas Twin Towers compound, on the north side of the Asy-Syakirin Mosque, is the KLCC District Cooling utility building which aims to supply cold water to all the buildings in the KLCC compound. This gas turbine-driven cold water unit is capable of supplying 42,000 RT of comfortable air, not only to the Petronas Twin Towers and Suria KLCC, but also Maxis Tower, Exxon Mobil Tower, Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur and Asy-Syakirin Mosque.

Interesting Attractions in KLCC

Suria KLCC is a shopping mall with more than 270 stores from grocery stores such as Cold Storage to branded items such as Zara, Coach and Fendi. It also houses more than 5,000 species of aquatic animals such as Sharks, Turtles, Penguins, and more, Aquaria KLCC is the perfect place for you to learn and find out about aquatic animals. It is often a preferred destination for families to visit because it is not difficult to visit this Aquaria. You only need to go through the Suria KLCC ground floor tunnel.

For art lovers, take your time to visit the Petronas Gallery located on the 3rd floor of Suria KLCC. The Petronas Gallery is a contemporary art gallery built to promote culture and art. Petrosains, The Discovery Center is located on the 4th floor, Suria KLCC and opposite Kinokuniya. Along with its name, The Discovery Centre, Petrosains is a science and technology museum that is different from other museums. At Petrosains, you can hold, touch and play with most of the exhibits on display.

Among the locations that are always filled with local and foreign visitors both day and night, this park located outside KLCC has various facilities if you want to have fun with family and friends. Equipped with a children’s playground, walking and jogging paths and most importantly Lake Symphony. Lake Symphony is an artificial lake equipped with a colorful fountain show at noon and dusk. See the panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur at Skybridge KLCC. You will be taken to the bridge that connects the Petronas Twin Towers on the 44th floor. Here you can see a breathtaking 360-degree view of Kuala Lumpur.


Kuala Lumpur City Center(KLCC)


  • Kuala Lumpur City Centre(KLCC): View the entire city of Kuala Lumpur at the Petronas Twin Towers
  • Dataran Merdeka: The large field at Merdeka Square is great for relaxing or having a picnic and is relatively close to Central Market, a vibrant shopping hub of art, textiles and food.
  • Batu Caves: These impressive limestone caves are also used for Hindu festivals and pilgrimages.
  • KL Eco Forest Park: Watch unique flora and fauna at Malaysia’s tropical rainforest.
  • KL Bird Park:Experience of watching colourful and melodic birds perching and winging about freely while relaxing in a natural and beautifully landscaped surrounding.
  • Masjid Jamek: visit place the ancient architecture with a combination design of different cultures.

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